Governing China: How the CPC works?

Book title: Governing China: How the CPC Works.
Edited by Xie Chuntao
Published by the New World Press, China. 2012.

About the book: This book is a description and analysis of the basic systems and strategies formed during the 60 years since the Communist Party of China (CPC) came to power. These include the struggle for political legitimacy, forging of a governance policy, and the creation of an array of political features that characterize modern China -- such unique systems as the people’s congresses, division of powers between the central and local governing bodies, the Party system and its political consultation mechanisms, and the unique systems of regional ethnic autonomy and special administrative regions (one country, two systems), a network of grassroots organizations, a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, and professional development and management of the civil service. The authors explore the challenge, background and evolution of China’s economy, culture and society through the lens of its development and governance.

Blurbs on the back of the book:

  • How does the CPC govern the country? This is a question we might expect to be answered in dry political and administrative terminology. However this 200,000-word book draws readers a convincing and detailed picture in unassuming language applied to an abundance of practical challenges —real and vivid cases are addressed on almost every page. Its clear literary form and simple style will make learning about the making of our country a fun experience.  —Zhao Qizheng, member of the CPPCC Standing Committee and chairman of its Foreign Affairs Committee
  • In 2004, Kenneth Lieberthal, an American, wrote a book titled, Governing China, which exerted a certain influence in all China’s government departments and academic circles. The present work, Governing China: How the CPC Works, is insight provided by Chinese scholars on their own political system, administrative setup, judicial system and modes of operation, the different angles showcasing the theories and practices of the CPC in a new light. It explains how the Party has led the country with the world’s largest population through the challenges of a very imbalanced economy, ground-up political development, and social discrepancy. —Zhou Mingwei, president of the China International Publishing Group
  • America’s territory is similar in size to that of China, but the United States has a population of only 300 million. The Chinese population equals the total of all the industrialized countries in the world: 1.3 billion. It is obvious that the issues of governing a developing country with such a large population are much more complicated than ruling the United States, Britain, France or Germany. If you want to know how the CPC has organized and rejuvenated such a vast and complex country, you’ll find out by reading this book edited by Professor Xie Chuntao. —Li Junru, member of the CPPCC Standing Committee, and former vice-president of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee
  • How to govern a country and administer state affairs has preoccupied leaders and civilizations throughout human history, and presents difficulties the world is destined to go on grappling with. The long, patient and arduous explorations of the CPC have given birth to its unique methods of governing the country, and breaking new ground in human affairs. The scholarship here is of profound significance. Governing China: How the CPC Works provides us all with an invaluable literary sketch, and a significant achievement worth bringing to the world’s attention. —Li Zhongjie, deputy director of the Party History Research Center of the CPC Central Committee

About the Editor

Xie Chuntao is a professor and deputy director of the Teaching and Research Department of CPC History at the Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC. He was born in Linshu County, Shandong Province, in February 1963. From 1978 to 1988 he studied at the Shandong Normal University, Zhejiang University and Renmin University of China, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in education, a master’s degree in law and a doctorate in law. He has been teaching and doing research on the history of the CPC at the Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC since 1988. His publications include Turmoil of the Great Leap Forward and A Brief History of the 1959 Mount Lushan Meeting. He compiled and edited A History of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, China in Transition: from 1976 to 1982, An Illustrated History of the 50 Years of the PRC, and China Through the Ages – from Confucius to Deng (English edition), and Why and How the CPC Works in China (Chinese and English editions). In addition, he has published over 100 articles. He is now an executive council member and deputy secretary-general of the History Society of the CPC. He is also a guest professor and part-time researcher at many institutions of higher learning.


作者:谢春涛 主编 
出版社:新世界出版社; 出版时间:2012年10月
内容简介: 本书的重点是叙述和分析中国共产党执政六十多年来形成的基本制度和基本方略,包括执政地位和执政方式、人民代表大会 制度、中央和地方的政府制度、政党制度和政协制度、民族区域自治制度、基层群众自治制度、中国特色社会主义法律体系、特别行政区制度、干部管理制度以及经 济、文化、社会等方面建设的基本思路和方法。

对于每一项制度或方略,本书都想讲出以下几个方面:一是其形成和演变的历史,由此可以了解其 历 史的合理性或必然性;二是其运行或实施过程中表现出的积极作用,由此可以了解其正确性或优越性;三是其存在的不足和中国共产党改进的努力,由此可以了解其 未来走向。通过这些,期望增进国内读者对中国共产党执政行为的理解和认同,帮助境外读者对中国的独特制度多几分了解。


  • 中国共产党如何治理国家,这是个通常只能用政治和行政术语才能表达的主题。而20万字的本书用平易的语言和丰富的——几乎每页都有的真实而生动的案例,给予了令人信服的回答。清澈的文体,朴素的风格,令读者在轻松阅读中受益良多。——全国政协外事委员会主任 赵启正
  • 2004 年美国人李侃如(Kenneth Liberthal)写了《治理国家》一书,在各政府部门和学术界产生了一定的影响。而这部由中国学者撰写的《中国共产党如何治理国家?》一书,以与西方 学者不同的角度诠释了中国的政治制度、行政设置、司法体系和运行模式,全新展示了中国共产党成功治理世界上人口最多,经济、政治、社会进步程度极不平衡的 国家的理论和实践。——中国外文局局长 周明伟
  • 美国的国土面积同中国差不多,但只有3亿人口。中国的人口数量是世界上所有工业化国家的总 和,达到13亿之多。治理这样一个人口数量级的发展中国家,同治理美国、英国、法国、德国显然是不一样的。要了解中国共产党是怎么样把这样一个国家组织起 来,又活跃起来的,你最好读一读谢春涛教授主编的这本书。   ——全国政协常委、原中共中央党校副校长  李君如
  • 如何治国理政? 始终是人类历史的大课题,也是世界面对的大难题。中国共产党经历长期艰难探索,形成了自己独特的治国方式,也为人类文明提供了一个独特的样式。对此加以研 究和解读,意义深远。《中国共产党如何治理国家?》一书,为我们提供了一幅很有价值的素描画,意味隽永,值得向世界推介。——中共中央党史研究室副主任  李忠杰


Related infor in English 英文相关信息:

注释: CCPN at LSE co-organised an event for the author's first book at the London Book Fair: China the Market Focus 2012, from 16 to 18 April, see: Why and How the CPC Works in China? 伦敦经济学院中国比较研究网( CCPN)中国作为主宾国的2012年的伦敦书展|,协调了该作者的前一本书的新书发布活动,见《中国共产党为什么能?》

Book reviews in Chinese 中文书评










好雨知时节 好书逢时生:  一部展现中国共产党治国伟业的力作




中国共产党从1921年成立到今天走过了光辉的91年,它领导中国人民推翻了三座大山,打败了日本侵略者,解放了全中国,让人民翻身做了国家的主人。1949年新中国成立,特别是改革开放以来,中国在共产党的领导下,创造了举世瞩目的成就,从一个贫穷落后的农业国,一跃发展为世界的第二经济体。这一切成就都是有目共睹的不争事实。许多国外读者,包括许多第三世界的政要,都想了解这一变化后面的原因,国际上许多研究机构也纷纷将中国作为一个不可思议的发展中国家进行研究。然而,他们的研究大多是出自他们自身的环境与观念,无法解释其中真正的原因,或根本不愿承认中国共产党领导的成功。近年来,国内外不时会听到一些歪曲中国共产党的言论和声音,并且散布 “中国威胁论”把中国的和平崛起说成是对世界的威胁,同时从另一方面极力唱衰中国。在这样的环境下,这本书的出版具有重要现实意义和深远的历史意义。它向读者详细介绍了中国共产党是如何治国的,重点叙述和分析了中国共产党执政六十多年来形成的基本制度和基本方略,包括执政地位和执政方式,人民代表大会制度,中央和地方的政府制度,政党制度和政协制度,民族区域自治制度,基层群众自治制度,中国特色社会主义法律体系,特别行政区制度,干部管理制度以及经济、文化、社会等方面建设的基本思路和方法。


对于国外人士来说中国共产党如何能治理好一个拥有13亿人口的大国,一直是一个谜。正如中共中央党史研究室副主任李忠杰在他的推介中写道的:“如何治国理政?始终是人类历史的大课题,也是世界面对的大难题。中国共产党经历长期艰难探索,形成了自己独特的治国方式,也为人类文明提供了一个独特的样式。对此加以研究和解读,意义深远。” 全国政协常委、原中共中央党校副校长李君如也这样说:“中国的人口数量是世界上所有工业化国家的总和,达到13亿之多。治理这样一个人口数量级的发展中国家,同治理美国、英国、法国、德国显然是不一样的。要了解中国共产党是怎么样把这样一个国家组织起来,又活跃起来的,你最好读一读《中国共产党如何治理国家?》这本书。”







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