Society Building

- A China model of social development

Understanding China and the World series Vol. I

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  • Book title: Society Building- A China model of social development
  • Series name and No: Understanding China and the World series Vol. I
  • Numbers of page: 238
  • Publisher: London: Global Century Press; Beijing New World Press
    in associate with Cambridge Press (first edition in 2014)
  • Publishing date: 2 November 2015
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
  • ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-910334-02-7; Hardcover: 978-1-910334-05-8
  • Price: Paperback: £22.99; Hardcover: £52.99

About the Editor

Xiangqun Chang is President of Global China Institute, Editor of Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP), Chief Editor of Global Century Press, and Senior Consultant of Global China Unit . She is also Honorary Professor at University College London, UK, and holder of several professorships and senior fellowships at Peking, Renmin, Fudan and Sun Yat-sen universities in China. Her publications include Guanxi or Li shang wanglai? Reciprocity, Social Support Networks, & Social Creativity in a Chinese Village (2009, 2010).

Product Description

In China’s future social development, there is likely to be an interest in ‘society building’ with interactions between top-down and bottom-up approaches, along with a deepened level of social reform and the construction of a harmonious or ‘symbiotic society’. This represents one of China’s social development models, and is reflected in the Communist Party of China (CPC) and state policy. The term ‘society building’ was proposed by Chinese thinkers nearly a century ago and was used by Chinese sociologists to study Chinese society since the 1930s. In the 21st century, ‘society building’ has been used as an interdisciplinary concept by Chinese social scientists. The main concern of China for its future social development is to enhance its people’s wellbeing and encourage them to build Chinese society in innovative and creative ways.

This volume showcases the latest research of non-Chinese scholars relating to this indigenous concept and to China’s social development in a global context. It tackles the following topics: the assessment of the social impact of infrastructure projects; China’s reforms and its changing political system; whether or not the Singapore model is suitable for China to follow; soft power through education; and boundaries, cosmopolitanisms and spaces in Chinese and international cities. The book will be of interest to academics, professionals, practitioners, university students and the general public seeking a comprehensive understanding of China.

About the book series and background

Society Building: A China Model of Social Development is the second volume in the 'Understanding China and the World series', edited by the late Chinese sociologist ZHENG Hangsheng (1936–2014) and British–Chinese scholar Xiangqun Chang. Both the title of the volume and book series deliberately reflect a new perspective on China, putting China in the context of globalization and inspiring comparative studies that enable non-Chinese to understand China and the world.

This book was first published in 2014 by Cambridge Scholars Publishing (CSP). This new edition is published in association with CSP, by the UK-based Global Century Press (GCP) and New World Press (NWP). GCP is the first publisher specializing in dual language publications that focus on Chinese perspectives of the world and human knowledge and non-Chinese perspectives of China in a global context. NWP was founded in 1951 and is a member of the China International Publishing Group (CIPG). It publishes multilingual books on social sciences, literature, management and other disciplines that serve to introduce China to the world. As early as the 1980s, NWP published the China Study series in English, covering China’s economy, politics, ethnicity, population, history, sociology and anthropology, and including Fei Xiaotong’s Toward a People’s Anthropology (1981), Chinese Village Close-Up (1982) and Small Towns in China (1986). NWP is republishing the China Study series jointly with GCP, supplemented by new titles.

Recommendations from social scientists and china experts

Modernity in China’s histories over the last 150 years has been a complex, often painful process. This continues, and aspects of it are looked at in this clear, hybrid and scholarly book. European experts think hard about the meaning of modernity on the specifics of Chinese society, its politics, its social composition and its landscape through its cities. But there are also excellent comparative studies of China’s experiences in these areas and those of India and Singapore, packed full of interesting data. This is a timely book, because the notion of a specific China Model was in danger of retreating into rhetoric. These essays show that there is much about the Chinese experience of its reform in the last thirty years that was borrowed, but also much that was due to indigenous innovation. Armed with the detailed frameworks and the information from the essays in this book, we can think about the Model much more profitably, and put into practice one of the great implications of the Reform process when it started in the late 1970s, to make practice the criterion of truth. — Kerry Brown, Professor of Chinese Politics, Director of the Lau China Institute, King's College London, UK

Xiangqun Chang has assembled an excellent team of contributors to discuss the idea of ‘society building’ in China. The term was coined by Sun Yat-Sen in 1917, but it could not be more contemporary – as China wrestles to reconcile the demands of population, resources, democracy and social welfare. This book gives us considerable insights into the alternative visions of social development now being discussed in China. — Robin Cohen, Emeritus Professor of Development Studies, University of Oxford, author of Global Sociology, UK

This book tackles one of the most important tasks for social science research in the 21st century, understanding the Great Transformation that is occurring in China. Inspired by the late Professor Lu Xueyi, Society Building probes the many models interpreting and guiding the process of change. I highly recommend the book. —Gary Hamilton, Professor of International Studies and Sociology, University of Washington, USA

Lu Xueyi’s name is known for his work in China on building a harmonious society. Fei Xiatong, whose work is the key for Western sociologists to understand China’s Society Building, explains in his chapter Chaxugeju that “Chinese social patterns… lack organizations that transcend individual personal relationships” (From the Soil, 1992:160). As a result, public virtues dedicated to serving organizations could not develop in China. The present collection of essays shows how Lu’s projects were designed to follow Fei’s insight. —Horst J. Helle, Professor emeritus of Sociology, Institut für Soziologie, Universität München, Munich, Germany

As China’s rapid economic progress fluctuates, with global repercussions, it becomes imperative that we get a better understanding of the socio/ political structures that underpin and interact with this advance. This collection of papers is a valuable addition to this discussion. Contributors explain the various social and economic ‘models’ that China has experimented with putting them in both historical and comparative perspectives. Highly recommended reading. —Christopher Howe, Professor emeritus of Department of Financial & Management Studies (DeFiMS), SOAS, University of London, UK Drawing on the expertise and insights of scholars from eight countries, this book illuminates the meaning of the ‘China model’ and the implications for China’s societal development and political system. The book tackles this significant issue from a variety of interesting angles. It is well worth reading, especially in light of China’s importance in the world. —Jonathan Unger, Professor of sociology, Founding Editor of The China Journal, Australian National University, Australia

The concept 'Society building', derived from extensive research of Chinese society by Chinese social scientists over several generations, should be a shared resource of human knowledge. This academic product is made in UK, which signified the academic exchanges between China and the world entered into a new era. —Zheng Hangsheng (1936—2014), Professor of Sociology, Renmin University; Honorary President of the Chinese Sociological Association (CSA), China


— 中国社会发展的一种模式》

读懂中国与世界系列丛书  第一辑

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  • 书名:《社会建设— 中国社会发展的一种模式》
  • 系列名称及卷次:读懂中国与世界系列丛书  第一辑
  • 页数: 282页
  • 出版社: 伦敦:全球世纪出版社; 北京:新世界出版社
  • 出版时间: 2015年11月
  • 语言: 中文
  • 尺寸: 17 x 24 cm
  • 书号: 平装ISBN: 978-1-910334-02-7
  •   精装ISBN: 978-1-910334-07-2
  • 价格: 平装 £26.99; 精装£58.99


      本书由常向群主编,她是全球中国研究院院长、《中国比较研究》主编、全球世纪出版社总编和全球中国智库资深顾问。她还是伦敦大学学院(UCL)的 荣誉教授、北大、人大、复旦和中山等多所大学的客座教授或特聘研究 员。发表各类著述约200万字,代表作为《关系抑或礼尚往来?江村互惠、社会支持网和社会创造的研究》(中英文两个版本,2009和2010年)。


      在未来的中国社会发展中,“社会建设”这种顶层设计与下层创造相结合的互动模式将可能引起广泛兴趣,它将有助于深化改革并推动和谐社会或曰“共生社会”的建构。这种中国发展的模式已经引起中国共产党和国家的重视。“社会建设”是由中国思想家于一个多世纪前提出来的,中国社会学家自上个世纪 30年代始将它用于研究中国社会。从21世纪以来,“社会建设”被中国社会科学家们跨学科、跨部门广泛深入地用于提高人民的福祉,建立创新、和谐和共生社会的研究中。
      本书展示了有关这一来自中国的“本土” 概念以及关于在全球语境下的中国社会发展的非华人学者的最新研究成果。它涵盖以下内容:基础设施项目的社会影响的评估、中国的改革和不断 变化的政治制度、新加坡模式是否适合中国、中印教育软实力之比较、和中国与国际城市的内部边界、国际大都市与中介空间。本书适应于学者、 专业人士、从业者、大学生及所有想对中国的全面了解人士。


       本书为"读懂中国与世界"系列丛书的第一本,该丛书由中国著名已故社会学家郑杭生(1936-2014年)和英籍华人学者常向群共同主编。郑杭生与陆学艺 和费孝通被一些社会学者形象地比喻为“中国社会学的金字塔”,其中费居于塔尖,陆和郑位于两侧。郑杭生对陆学艺在晚年致力于把“社会建设”这个中国的社会 学的本土概念推向国际社会学界的努力非常赞赏,亲自为这本纪念陆学艺的文集的中译本作序,指出此书“是国外学者首次应用中国社会学的概念研究中国社会并作 比较研究的积极尝试;把英文著作即时地翻译成中文并同步出版,使国内外学者可以用自己的语言同时了解同样的内容,为国内外学者对同一话语的学术上的同频沟通提供了可能;此书的英汉两个版本在英国的出版,有助于推动‘社会建设’融入人类知识的共享资源,标志着中国与世界其他国家和地区的社会科学的学术交流进入了一个新的历史时期。”
       "读懂中国与世界"系列丛书由全球世纪出版社和新世界出版社联合出版。全球世纪出版社是世界上第一个致力于出版英汉双语的社会科学与人文科学著作的出版公司,专注于出版中国比较研究的著述,还包括在全球语境下对世界和人类知识研究的中华视野,以及对中国研究的非中华视野。新世界出版社成立于1951年,隶属于中国国际出版集团,主要以多语种出版社科、文学、经管和外宣等图书。早在上个世纪 80 年代就用英文出版“中国研究丛书”,包括中国政治、经济社会、民族、人口、社会学和人类学著作,如费孝通的《迈向世界的人类学》 (1981 年 ) 、《三访江村》 (1982年 ) 、《中国小城镇》 (1986 年 ) 。这两个出版社正在合作再版上述“中国研究丛书”,并将陆续推出新的相关研究成果。 


此书不仅是关于社会建设的文集,而且是献给社会建设的一 本书。这本书是中国国家社会发展过程的一个剪影,社会发展 没有内在的终点。中国现在进行的社会建设是在全球社会发展的 大背景下的中国社会建设与发展,所以早就超越了一些陈旧的问 题:谁统治世界?哪种经济制度是最好的?国家社会如何才能解决一些超越国界的全球问题?或是在什么共同利益的基础上合 作?如果每个国家能找到自己的方式实现这些目标,如果他们的 人民都相信他们的政府致力于实现人类未来的福祉,我们可能很快认识到,中国发展的下一阶段就是建立全球社会。 ——马丁.阿尔布劳 (Martin Albrow) 教授,《全球时代》作者, 英国社会学会前会长、《国际社会会学》创刊主编

过去 150 年以来,中国历史的现代性一直是一个复杂而痛苦 的过程,而且还在持续。这本文字清晰、观点综合的学术著作, 诠释了中国现代性的方方面面。在本书中,欧洲学者从中国政治、 社会、社会构成以及城市面貌几个方面的具体内容考察了现代性 的意义。此外,亚洲学者还对上述方面的中国经验同印度和新加 坡的经验做了精彩的对比研究,提供了非常有意义的数据。在“中 国模式 ” 这个概念面临被模糊和边缘化的今天,此书的问世无疑是非常及时的。书中收录的文章展示了中国在过去30年改革中 的经验以及诸多本土创新,都值得深入探讨与借鉴。透过这些论 文讨论的详细框架和丰富的信息,我们可以从 “ 中国模式 ” 当中 学到很多,有利于我们更好地将中国70年代末改革的深远影响 与实际运用相结合,通过实践检验真理。 —— 凯利.布朗 (Kerry Brown) 教授,伦敦国王学院中国研究院院长

常向群组织了众多优秀的学者讨论中国的“社会建设”问题。 这一概念由孙中山先生于 1917 年率先提出,随着中国不断平衡 人口、资源、民主和社会福利的需求,“ 社会建设 ” 至今仍具有 强烈的现代意义。此书为我们提供了大量独到的见解,呈现了现 正热议的中国未来社会发展的另一幅图景。 ——罗宾 . 科恩 (Robin Cohen) 教授,《全球社会学》作者,  英国牛津大学国际移民研究所前主任

本书深入探讨了 21 世纪社会科学研究领域最重要的任务之 一,即理解当前中国正在经历的伟大变革。受到已故陆学艺教授 的启迪,这本《社会建设》对中国模式和改革进程的导向作了各 种解读。我向读者强烈推荐这本书。 ——韩格理 (Gary Hamilton) 教授,《乡土中国》英译本译者   美国华盛顿大学国际研究及社会学学院前副院长

陆学艺教授因为建设中国和谐社会的研究做出了巨大努力而 蜚声海内外。费孝通的著作是西方社会学家了解中国社会建设的 关键。他在“ 差序格局” 一章中写道,“ 中国社会格局…… 缺 乏超越个人私人关系的团体 ” ,导致了服务于团体的公共美德在 中国没有发展起来(《乡土中国》,1992:160)。这本文集收 录的多篇论文,使我们看到了陆学艺关于社会建设的研究体现了 费孝通学术观点的真知灼见。 ——赫磊 (Horst Helle) 教授,德国慕尼黑大学荣休教授, 德国慕尼黑大学社会学学院前院长

中国经济发展速度的波动起伏,使全球也深受震荡。更好地 读懂中国社会政治结构已成为当务之急,以理解这种结构既是其 社会发展的基石,又与其进步相得益彰的内在机理。本书收集的 多篇有价值的论文,丰富了学术界对这方面的讨论。作者们阐述 了中国已经验过的各式各样的社会和经济 “ 模式 ” 并将之置于历 史和对比的视野来分析。我强烈推荐这本书。 ——克里斯托弗 . 豪 (Christopher Howe) 教授 英国伦敦大学亚非学院金融及管理研究学系荣休教授

集合了八国学者的智慧和洞见,本书阐明了 “ 中国模式 ” 的 意义及其对中国社会发展和政治体制的影响。对这一重大问题本 书从多视角给予了耐人寻味的诠释。尤其是鉴于当下中国在全球 的重要影响力,此书更值得一读, ——安戈 (Jonathan Unger) 教授 , 《中国研究》创刊主编 澳大利亚国立大学亚太学院政治与社会会变迁系

 “ 社会建设 ” 这一概念源于中国几代社会科学家对中国社会 的广泛研究,它应当成为人类知识的共享资源。这本学术著作在 英国的出版,标志着中国与世界其他国家的社会科学的学术交流 进入了新的历史时期。 ——郑杭生教授(1936—2014),中国人民大学社会学教授、中国社会学会名誉会长  

Highlights 关注 Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat! Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat! 恭贺各位2020鼠年新禧! Photo Report: A Symposium on China’s Development Path in the New Era from Multiple Perspectives was held at University of Cambridge Photo Report: A Symposium on China’s Development Path in the New Era from Multiple Perspectives was held at University of Cambridge 多重视野看新时代中国发展道路研讨会在剑桥大学举行 A Symposium on China’s Development Path in the New Era from Multiple Perspectives 主题研讨会:多重视野看新时代中国发展道路 Photo report: the 6th Global China Dialogue (GCD VI) Governance for World Peace 图片报道: 第六届全球中国对话 ——世界和平治理 Call for Participants to The 6th Global China Dialogue (GCD VI) Governance for World Peace 会议邀请: 第六届全球中国对话 ——世界和平治理 Photo report - China through British eyes: launch of new books and donation of books 图片报道——英国人眼里的中国: 新书发布和赠书仪式 Photo report - China through British eyes: launch of new books and donation of books 图片报道——英国人眼里的中国:新书发布和赠书仪式 Photo reports: Roundtable Discussion on China and International Communications and Agreement-signing Ceremony between New World Press and Global Century Press 多视角看中国与国际传播圆桌会议暨 新世界出版社与全球世纪出版社合作出版签约仪式 Photo report: Agreement-signing ceremony and launch of English edition of China’s Role in a Shared Human Future at the London Book Fair 图片报道——多视角看中国与国际传播圆桌会议暨新世界出版社与全球世纪出版社合作出版签约仪式
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